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A man in a lab

From Rob Meijers, interim executive director: In 2021, IPI explored ‘new frontiers’ in antigen and antibody discovery

As the world struggled to live in and through a seeming “forever pandemic,” 2021 was…

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Woman in lab coat feeding cell lines under hood.
Part of a mammalian cerebellum

At a workshop where ‘structure meets function,’ a team of scientists polished a breakthrough

Most scientists attend conferences armed with posters and presentations. But in addition to those, protein…

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Tracks of expressing neurons shown aligning linearly.

Elena Seiradake pushes the limits of molecular neurobiology through cross-disciplinary collaboration

What happens when a neurobiologist, a structural biologist and a biophysicist walk into a bar?…

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Laser beams on a microscope

Neurobiology has focused on the insides of cells. Now, it’s time to study the gaps between them

To neuroscientist Valentin Nägerl, the brain is a biological Rubin’s vase, defined both by the…

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From bench to business: Samantha Singer brings a unique profile and perspective to the IPI board

When a young scientist looks out at the world, they typically see a career in…

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Becoming a research scientist: Krishna Anand takes IPI lessons to biomedical graduate school

Krishna Anand spends her weekdays at the tail end of the Institute for Protein Innovation’s…

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In science and collaborations, Naoko Mizuno deftly weaves together pieces of a whole

Structural biologist Naoko Mizuno likes decision making. She studies it — down to its molecular…

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Man in office lined with awards.

Five years on, IPI sits in ‘exciting landscape’ of protein research: A Q&A with co-founder Timothy Springer

When Harvard University professor and eight-time entrepreneur Timothy A. Springer co-founded the Institute for Protein…

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