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Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report

Cover featuring an opening door; 2023 Annual Report for the Institute for Protein Innovation.

The mission of IPI is to advance protein science and technology to accelerate biological research and improve human health. Innovation is in our name, and we believe that research, and its subsequent reduction to practice, are key drivers of innovation.

Over the last year, we have focused creating new yeast display libraries, novel nanobody scaffolds and libraries, and selection strategies to home in on more selective protein binders. We are committed to sharing our ideas, methods and tools not just passively in the literature, but actively via IPI-organized workshops, classes and symposia. We launched our first antibody collection, targeted to the integrin family of proteins. And we are always looking hard at research challenges where protein reagents and methods can play an active and impactful role.

2022 Annual Report

At IPI, 2022 was synonymous with growth and progress. The Institute recruited young researchers with astonishing talents who’ve worked together to enhance each others’ expertise and improve IPI’s high-throughput platform.

Together, we’ve produced our first set of affinity reagents and entered partnerships to help sell and distribute these reagents soon. And, under the guidance of our new president and CEO, we’ve renewed our educational focus and determination to disseminate protein science knowledge to the biomedical community. We’re proud of this year of progress at IPI and excited to continue to advance our understanding of human biology and disease in 2023.

2021 Annual Report

As the world struggled to live in and through a seeming “forever pandemic,” 2021 was a year that demanded global resilience.

At IPI, we fought back, digging deep into expertise and mission to find ways to work, rebuild and connect. We hired record numbers of new staff, redoubled our efforts to create fit-for-purpose antibodies and embarked on new frontiers in antigen and antibody discovery. For us, 2021 was a time of renewal.

2020 Annual Report

It’s been an unprecedented year for protein research, as the pandemic closed most of our lab operations for several months in spring.

At IPI, there was a mix of fear and exhilaration, isolation and camaraderie. We rolled up our sleeves to “get it done,” and are delighted to now be back full force with a growing and evolving team.

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