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Protein resources

IPI is proud to provide high-quality, well-validated recombinant antibodies and other protein tools to the biological research community. We prioritize difficult-to-reach cell surface and secreted protein targets, and believe more data equals better research.

Antibodies by target
Integrin antibodies

Our collection of integrin antibodies binds to individual subunits or subunit pairs, some with ligand-blocking and others with non-ligand-blocking functionality. This suite includes both synthetic recombinant antibodies and hybridoma-derived antibodies to fit specific research needs.

Basic protein tools
Epitope tag antibodies
Illustration of an epitope tag antibody recognizing the epitope tag sequence at a N- or C-terminus.

Our epitope tag antibodies recognize common epitope tags to help purify, detect or localize particular proteins. This collection includes antibodies that bind to V5, Protein C, DYKDDDDK, Rho, His, Biotin, EE, GCN4 and Strep.

IPI and Addgene improve protein access

IPI partners with Addgene, a nonprofit biorepository, to distribute antibodies and other protein tools. Together, we believe research benefits from open data and broadened access to research reagents.

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