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About IPI

Our mission is to advance protein science to accelerate research and improve human health.

Unlocking protein biology

The Institute for Protein Innovation is pioneering a new approach to scientific discovery and collaboration. As a nonprofit research institute, we provide the biomedical research community with synthetic antibodies and deep protein expertise, empowering scientists to explore fundamental biological processes and pinpoint new targets for therapeutic development.

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Our research

IPI’s Receptor Engineering group tackles hard-to-reach antibodies to provide critical protein tools for research and therapeutic development.

More about our research

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Our people

We invest in people with the expertise and creativity to approach fundamental scientific questions from whole new angles.

Meet our team

How we're different

At IPI’s core is a platform that pairs state-of-the-art technology with skilled scientists from top institutions worldwide.

Our antibody production pipeline makes use of yeast display technology to produce high-quality synthetic recombinant antibodies, which go beyond the limitations of traditional antibodies.

These reagents, which drastically reduce cross-reactivity in downstream research, are critical to building knowledge of the human proteome and developing life-saving therapeutics.

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Building an institute

  • 2015

    Tim Springer hatches the idea of IPI, hosting the first Board meeting in his home.

  • 2016

    IPI hires its first employee.

  • 2017

    With its yeast display library completed, IPI officially launches.

  • 2018

    IPI relocates to the Harvard Medical School campus.

  • 2019

    IPI hires Alex Burgin as its first executive director.

  • 2020

    IPI licenses its first antibody and launches its antibody validation campaign.

  • 2021

    IPI elects Samantha Singer as new Board chair and appoints Rob Meijers as interim executive director.

  • 2022

    IPI appoints Kenneth Fasman as president and CEO.

  • 2023

    IPI hosts its first symposium, IPI Surfacing. 

  • 2023

    IPI announces its partnership with Addgene.

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