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Antibody platform

IPI’s Antibody Platform generates synthetic, recombinant antibodies against native, human extracellular and secreted proteins.

Yeast display technologies

Many proteins are evolutionarily conserved, rendering the production of monoclonal antibodies through animal immunization challenging, if not impossible. We have developed a solution: a technology based on yeast display that mimics the variability of human antibody responses.

Yeast transformed with one of three different light chains, tagged with c-Myc.

Yeast with light chain transformed with one of five different heavy chains, tagged with V5. Variable region (CDRH3) is transformed independently alongside a helper plasmid.

Yeast express light and heavy chains, which anchor on the cell surface via two yeast proteins. This creates a unique antigen binding fragment (Fab) that recognizes a specific region of an antigen.

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