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Pioneering a new approach to enable biological discovery.

IPI is a nonprofit research hybrid, blending an academic mindset with industrial scalability.
We are dedicated to sharing our antibodies and data broadly and openly.

Collaboration is our solution.

We are powering biological discovery and therapeutic development by enabling scientists with our expertise and tools.

Protein Science Expertise

Our Harvard-based scientists collaboratively take on complex projects in the areas most in need of transformative antibodies and other proteins.

Antibody Platform

We can achieve unprecedented scale with a platform and technologies based on high-quality protein and antibody design, expression and production.

The benefits of working with us.

Customizable Antibodies

Diverse and designed to work in your assays.

New Discoveries

You understand the biology. We know the proteins.

Unique Business Model

Balancing open science with intellectual property protection.

Expert Insights

Deep knowledge of protein structure and engineering.

Want to work with us?

Get access, move faster and stay ahead.

Academic collaboration

IPI’s Rob Meijers, Ph.D., talks about his initiative in the neuroscience community to freely distribute synthetic antibodies to intractable targets for validation in researchers assays.

Research sponsorship

IPI’s Stephen Fuchs, Ph.D., talks about his success with biotech and foundations in balancing customization and licensing models with open science.

A DNA strand

A decade long quest to uncover a novel cause of bone marrow failure

When a newborn’s routine check-up caught a previously undetected condition, scientists launched what became a decade-long quest to link a medical mystery to a gene. IPI’s protein expertise cemented their results.

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