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Pioneering a new approach to biological discovery

IPI blends academic exploration with industrial scalability
to tap the full potential of recombinant antibodies.

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IPI Surfacing is a free, one-day event focused on cell surface receptor biology and protein science. Join us for talks, a panel discussion, a poster session and plenty of networking opportunities!

Our proteins power discovery

IPI is a nonprofit research hybrid that invests in high-throughput technologies and deep protein expertise to bring biological research up to speed.

About IPI

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Academic expertise

Our Harvard-based scientists collaboratively take on complex projects in the areas most in need of transformative antibodies and other proteins.

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Industrial platform

We achieve unprecedented scale with a platform and technologies based on high-quality protein and antibody design, expression and production.

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IPI in brief

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Meeting research needs

IPI scientists deploy cutting-edge technologies and techniques, such as antibody engineering and a yeast display library, to tap the full potential of synthetic recombinant antibodies.

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Best of both worlds

IPI combines deep academic expertise with industrial scalability, investing in high-throughput technologies and automation to bring biological research up to speed.

Figure Representing Business Model.

Unique business model

IPI is a nonprofit institute with assured funding and the high-caliber expertise to support exploratory protein research.

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Cross-disciplinary connections

IPI is poised to elevate life science communities, collaborating with biologists across specialties and training young scientists.

Building collaborations

IPI believes the best science crosses fields. We draw together multiple disciplines to build antigen and antibody tools for basic biological research and therapeutic discovery.

News from the lab

IPI starts new chapter with game-changing gift: A Q&A with Tim Springer

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Sophia Ulmer brings creativity and computational prowess to protein engineering

Art and science can seem at odds. But fundamentally, both focus on exploration and the discovery of the unknown. In the Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI)...

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Chasing a ‘quantum leap’ in cell surface biology: A Q&A with Junichi Takagi

Cell surface receptors are, by and large, the main molecular target for therapeutics. Also known as transmembrane receptors, they’re the targets of more than 60% of...

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