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A man in a lab coat and safety glasses adds a plate of antibody samples to a robot in a lab. A group of three scientists stand in a line, looking at the machine.

Innovation comes naturally to IPI’s director of automation Curtis Walton

When Curtis Walton was young, he’d disassemble household items, diligently learning about their inner mechanisms…

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The 3D structure of Sonic Hedgehog.

Cell signaling, Sonic Hedgehog and Hemingway’s cats: A Q&A with Adrian Salic

In 1980, the famous geneticists Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Eric Wieschaus were mapping embryonic mutations in…

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Zebrafish lit up under microscopy with visible spine and colored spots marking proteins.

IPI antibody helps illuminate the MYCN-mediated tumor microenvironment

If you were diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma, you’d most likely be an infant carrying a…

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“A wise man always keeps learning”: Biotech entrepreneur Rusty Williams joins IPI Board

In 1984, Lewis “Rusty” Williams boarded a flight from Boston to San Francisco and took…

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A group of people sit around a conference room table with laptops and water bottles on the tabletop. André Teixeira sits at the head of the table, smiling.

Engineering for efficiency: André Teixeira takes charge of antibody discovery and library design at IPI

It’s a few minutes after noon, and scientists at the Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI)…

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A digital rendering of neurotransmission in the synapse, shown with glowing neurons flowing at a synaptic connection.

Entry points into neuroscience: A Q&A with Thomas Biederer

At the heart of all nervous system functions are the synapses, where signals fly between…

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Auro Nair and his family crowd into a photo, all smiles.

For IPI Board member Auro Nair, biotech is an outlet for good

Growing up in Malaysia, Auro Nair learned two basic tenets from his parents: Be a…

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Image shows the growing axon of a mouse dorsal root ganglion sensory neuron in vitro turning away from the extracellular signaling molecule WFIKKN2.

Dissecting the nervous system’s self-assembly toolkit: A Q&A with Alex Jaworski

Early in development, an embryo begins an epic undertaking: the building of its nervous system.…

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