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Crowd listens to six researchers discuss antibody access and reproducibility on a small stage.

At IPI Surfacing, panel calls for long-overdue collaboration to improve antibody reliability and accessibility

In a perfect world, antibody reagents would be reliable. Their protein sequences would be accessible.…

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Three photos picturing Deepash Kothiwal working in the lab, Mahesh Vangala smiling in front of a computer with antibody data, and Nirakar Basnet looking at protein images.

IPI broadens scientific expertise with new talent

In 2022, IPI successfully broadened its expertise and streamlined its pipeline by bringing in new…

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Two men talking in office building.

From president and CEO Ken Fasman: IPI in the midst of an exciting growth year

I joined the Institute for Protein Innovation in November 2022, coming from a long term…

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IPI partnership with Addgene

The Institute for Protein Innovation and Addgene partner to accelerate biomedical discovery with the development and distribution of protein-binding reagents

Partnership joins two nonprofits with aligned missions to provide researchers with access to well-validated antibodies…

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Man in suit speaks from podium with Institute for Protein Innovation banner.

IPI starts new chapter with game-changing gift: A Q&A with Tim Springer

Big philanthropic gifts can be powerful vehicles of transformation for any young organization. With a…

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Man in office lined with awards.

Harvard professor and entrepreneur Tim Springer donates $210 million to the Institute for Protein Innovation

The gift further positions the emerging nonprofit to transform biomedical research with novel protein tools…

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Woman in glasses wearing lab coat holding pad of paper.

Sophia Ulmer brings creativity and computational prowess to protein engineering

Art and science can seem at odds. But fundamentally, both focus on exploration and the…

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Glowing AI generated image of six-pronged cell surface receptor.

Chasing a ‘quantum leap’ in cell surface biology: A Q&A with Junichi Takagi

Cell surface receptors are, by and large, the main molecular target for therapeutics. Also known…

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