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Auro Nair and his family crowd into a photo, all smiles.

For IPI Board member Auro Nair, biotech is an outlet for good

Growing up in Malaysia, Auro Nair learned two basic tenets from his parents: Be a…

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Image shows the growing axon of a mouse dorsal root ganglion sensory neuron in vitro turning away from the extracellular signaling molecule WFIKKN2.

Dissecting the nervous system’s self-assembly toolkit: A Q&A with Alex Jaworski

Early in development, an embryo begins an epic undertaking: the building of its nervous system.…

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Issi Rozen playing his guitar and leaning against a distressed brick wall.

Jazz and a journey to biotech: Issi Rozen brings creative spirit to IPI Board

Becoming a jazz guitarist starts with a soul-catching chord. That initial spark of inspiration is…

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Crowd listens to six researchers discuss antibody access and reproducibility on a small stage.

At IPI Surfacing, panel calls for long-overdue collaboration to improve antibody reliability and accessibility

In a perfect world, antibody reagents would be reliable. Their protein sequences would be accessible.…

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Three photos picturing Deepash Kothiwal working in the lab, Mahesh Vangala smiling in front of a computer with antibody data, and Nirakar Basnet looking at protein images.

IPI broadens scientific expertise with new talent

In 2022, IPI successfully broadened its expertise and streamlined its pipeline by bringing in new…

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