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Junichi Takagi speaks at IPI Surfacing, a symposium on cell surface receptor biology and protein science hosted by IPI on June 15, 2023. Click to view more IPI Surfacing event content.

Talk title: “The “Lasso-grafted” Fc design platform offers creation of novel receptor agonists and antagonists”

Bio: Junichi Takagi, Ph.D. is a professor in the Laboratory for Protein Synthesis and Expression at the Institute for Protein Research of Osaka University, Japan. His research interest concerns structural and functional analyses on receptor-ligand interactions, particularly in the field of immunology and neuroscience.

Takagi’s expertise is in the structural study of receptor ectodomains and extracellular proteins using both X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy. He has conducted numerous studies aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of cell signaling by using structural information. Additionally, he is also engaged in technology developments related to high-quality protein production and purification, as well as structure-based protein and antibody engineering.

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