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IPI Surfacing

An IPI symposium on cell surface receptor biology and protein science

Thursday, June 15, 2023 ––– Joseph B. Martin Conference Center

The program

Symposium talks


The promise of synthetic antibodies and the challenges to universal access

A discussion on the biomedical applications of synthetic antibodies, barriers to competing with animal-derived antibodies and universal access to quality protein tools within the research community.



Featured speakers


Panel speakers


IPI Surfacing highlights

  • Talks by world-class experts on cell surface signaling pathways
  • Panel discussion on the promise of synthetic antibodies and challenges to universal access
  • Posters presented by emerging biomedical researchers
  • Networking lunch and reception

IPI Surfacing was a free, one-day event focused on cell surface receptor biology and protein science. As a catalyst in protein science, IPI was thrilled to convene scientific leaders to amplify conversations at the forefront of bioscience.

Crowd listens to six researchers discuss antibody access and reproducibility on a small stage.
Two men talking in office building.
Man in suit speaks from podium with Institute for Protein Innovation banner.
Woman points to figure on scientific poster.
Woman asks a question into a microphone in a full auditorium at IPI Surfacing.
Megan Rego with arms crossed talking in small group in room surrounded by IPI Surfacing attendees.

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