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Selected publications

Hao Y, Yan J, Fraser C, Jiang A, Anuganti M1, Zhang R1, Lloyd K1, Jardine J1, Coppola J1, Meijers R1, Li J, Springer TA1. Synthetic integrin antibodies discovered by yeast display reveal αV subunit pairing preferences with β subunits. Preprint in bioRxiv, 2024.2

Shi W, Cai Y, Zhu H1, Peng H, Voyer J, Rits-Volloch S, Cao H, Mayer ML, Song K, Xu C, Lu J, Zhang J, Chen B. Cryo-EM structure of SARS-CoV-2 postfusion spike in membrane. Nature, vol. 619, (403–409), 2023.

Jo MH, Li J, Jaumouillé V, Hao Y, Coppola J1, Yan J, Waterman CM, Springer TA1, Ha T. Single-molecule characterization of subtype-specific β1 integrin mechanics. Nature Communications, vol. 13 (7471), 2022.2

Gura T1, Acker-Palmer A, Kolodkin A, Meijers R1, Mizuno N, Seiradake E, Tessier-Lavigne M. Molecular neuroscience community shares perspectivesNeuron, vol. 185 (22), 2022.

Zhu S1, Sridhar A, Teng J, Howard RJ, Lindahl E, Hibbs RE. Structural and dynamic mechanisms of GABAA receptor modulators with opposing activities. Nature Communications, vol. 13 (4582), 2022.

Sui Y, Li J, Andersen H, Zhang R1, Prabhu SK, Hoang T, Venzon D, Cook A, Brown R, Teow E, Velasco J, Pessaint L, Moore IN, Lagenoaur L, Talton J, Breed MW, Kramer J, Bock KW, Minai M, Nagata BM, Choo-Wosoba H, Lewis MG, Wang L, Berzofsky JA. An intranasally administrated SARS-CoV-2 beta variant subunit booster vaccine prevents beta variant replication in rhesus macaques. PNAS Nexus, vol. 1 (3), 2022.

Nedozralova H, Basnet N1, Ibiricu I, Bodakuntla S, Biertümpfel C, Mizuno N. In situ cryo-electron tomography reveals local cellular machineries for axon branch development. Journal of Cell Biology, vol. 221 (4), 2022.

Müller S, Ackloo S, Al Chawaf A, Al-Lazikani B, Antolin A, Baell JB, Beck H, Beedie S, Betz UAK, Bezerra GA, Brennan PE, Brown D, Brown PJ, Bullock AN, Carter AJ, Chaikuad A, Chaineau M, Ciulli A, Collins I, Dreher J, Drewry D, Edfeldt K, Edwards AM, Egner U, Frye SV, Fuchs SM1, Hall MD, Hartung IV, Hillisch A, Hitchcock SH, Homan E, Kannan N, Kiefer JR, Knapp S, Kostic M, Kubicek S, Leach AR, Lindemann S, Marsden BD, Matsui H, Meier JL, Merk D, Michel M, Morgan MR, Mueller-Fahrnow A, Owen DR, Perry BG, Rosenberg SH, Singh Saikatendu K, Schapira M, Scholten C, Sharma S, Simeonov A, Sundström M, Superti-Furga G, Todd MH, Tredup C, Vedadi M, von Delft F, Willson TM, Winter GE, Workmanfg P, Arrowsmith CH. Target 2035 – update on the quest for a probe for every protein. RSC Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 13 (1), 2022.

Zhang J, Xiao T, Cai Y, Lavine C, Peng H, Zhu H1, Anand K1, Tong P, Gautam A, Mayer M, Walsh RM, Rits-Volloch S, Wesemann DR, Yang W1, Seaman MS, Lu J, Chen B. Membrane fusion and immune evasion by the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant. Science, vol. 374 (6573), 2021.

Østergaard H, Lund J, Greisen PJ, Kjellev S, Henriksen A, Lorenzen N, Johansson E, Røder G, Rasch MG, Johnsen LB, Egebjerg T, Lund S, Rahbek-Nielsen H, Gandhi PS, Lamberth K, Loftager M, Andersen LM, Bonde AC, Stavenuiter F, Madsen DE, Li X, Holm TL, Ley CD, Thygesen P, Zhu H1, Zhou R, Thorn K, Yang Z, Hermit MB, Bjelke JR, Hansen BG, Hilden I. A factor VIIIa–mimetic bispecific antibody, Mim8, ameliorates bleeding upon severe vascular challenge in hemophilia A mice. Blood, vol. 131 (14), 2021.

Cai Y, Zhang J, Xiao T, Lavine CL, Rawson S, Peng H, Zhu H1Anand K1, Tong P, Gautam A, Lu S, Sterling SM, Walsh RM, Rits-Volloch S, Lu J, Wesemann DR, Yang W1, Seaman MS, Chen B. Structural basis for enhanced infectivity and immune evasion of SARS-CoV-2 variantsScience, vol. 373 (6555), 2021.

Stewart T, Wolfe BE, Fuchs SM1. Defining the role of the polyasparagine repeat domain of the S. cerevisiae transcription factor Azf1p. Plos One, vol. 16 (5), 2021.

Zhang J, Cai Y, Xiao T, Lu J, Peng H, Sterling SM, Walsh RM Jr, Rits-Volloch S, Zhu H1Woosley AN1Yang W1, Sliz P, Chen B. Structural impact on SARS-CoV-2 spike protein by D614G substitutionScience, vol. 372 (6541), 2021.

Adolf-Bryfogle J1Teets FD1Bahl CD1Toward complete rational control over protein structure and function through computational designCurrent Opinion in Structural Biology, vol. 66, 2021.

Kozak S, Bloch Y, De Munck S, Mikula A, Bento I, Savvides SN, Meijers R1Homogeneously N-glycosylated proteins derived from the GlycoDelete HEK293 cell line enable diffraction-quality crystallogenesisActa Crystallographica, vol. 76 (12), 2020.

Gao M, Mackley IGP, Mesbahi-Vasey S1, Bamonte HA, Struyvenberg SA, Landolt L, Pederson NJ, Williams LI, Bahl CD1, Brooks L 3rd, Amacher JF. Structural characterization and computational analysis of PDZ domains in Monosiga brevicollisProtein Science, vol. 29 (11), 2020.

Stewart T, Exner AE, Patnaik P, Fuchs SM1. Contractions of the C-Terminal Domain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rpb1p Are Mediated by Rad5p. Genes, Genomes, Genetics, vol. 10 (7), 2020.

Raposo CJ, McElroy KA, Fuchs SM1. The Epithelial adhesin 1 tandem repeat region mediates protein display through multiple mechanisms. FEMS Yeast Research, vol. 20 (3), 2020.

Anjanappa R, Garcia-Alai M, Kopicki JD, Lockhauserbaumer J, Aboelmagd M, Hinrichs J, Nemtanu IM, Uetrecht C, Zacharias M, Springer S, Meijers R1Structures of peptide-free and partially loaded MHC class I molecules reveal mechanisms of peptide selectionNature Communications, vol. 11 (1314), 2020.

Ford AS1, Weitzner BD, Bahl CD1Integration of the Rosetta suite with the python software stack via reproducible packaging and core programming interfaces for distributed simulation. Protein Science, vol. 29 (1), 2020.

Buchko GW, Pulavarti SVSRK, Ovchinnikov V, Shaw EA, Rettie SA, Myler PJ, Karplus M, Szyperski T, Baker D, Bahl CD1Cytosolic expression, solution structures, and molecular dynamics simulation of genetically encodable disulfide-rich de novo designed peptidesProtein Science, vol. 27 (9), 2018.

Lau YK, Baytshtok V, Howard TA, Fiala BM, Johnson JM, Carter LP, Baker D, Lima CD, Bahl CD1. Discovery and engineering of enhanced SUMO protease enzymes. Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 293 (34), 2018.

1IPI-affiliated researcher
2Study uses IPI antibodies

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