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Lighting up Neurobiology with Antibodies

A symposium on imaging technologies and discovery

Monday, June 10, 2024 — Marshall A. Wolf Conference Center
at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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About Lighting Up

Lighting Up convened researchers and technology developers to illuminate how imaging technologies are driving the leading edge of discovery in neurobiology — and to cultivate the high-quality antibodies these technologies require.

The day-long event was an enriching mini-retreat for methods-focused scientists in the Boston area.

  • Talks by leading neuroscientists
  • Poster session featuring emerging protein scientists and biologists
  • Panel discussion on neurobiology’s antibody needs
  • Networking lunch and reception

Lighting Up was co-organized by the Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI), Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Addgene, and also sponsored by Twist Bioscience.




A solutions-focused discussion on the antibodies and other protein tools needed to probe neuroscientific questions.



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