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Halle Marchese

Screenshot of video showing integrin mechanotransduction.

Uncovering the secrets of mechanotransduction, one integrin receptor at a time

For the body to function, cells must decide. Embryonic cells elect to reproduce and shape…

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Scientist viewing robot in lab.

Engineering Protein A to Z for VH3 antibody purification

Antibody purification is often taken for granted. It’s an essential step in isolating desirable antibodies…

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Hand holding pipette and tube.

Inside the IPI pipeline

Of the tools underpinning biomedical research, antibodies are among the most impactful. Their ability to…

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Institute for Protein Innovation Welcomes Esteemed Industry Leader Kenneth Fasman, Ph.D. as President and Chief Executive Officer

Boston, Mass. November 15, 2022 — The Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI), a nonprofit research…

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Bioscience leader Ken Fasman to steer IPI as new president and CEO

The walls of Ken Fasman’s ninth-floor office are still bare. But the new president and…

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A group standing in front of a building

Dream come true: Zehra Sayers builds structural biology for the next generations

Zehra Sayers always dreamed of finding precise answers to life’s core questions. A professor and…

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A man pointing to a computer screen

AI Proteins secures $18.2 million seed round to pioneer high-throughput platform for advanced miniprotein therapeutics

Company to focus on the rapid development of miniproteins tailor-made for therapeutics, driving down costs…

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Scientists standing in protein production laboratory

With a modern take on a family legacy, Stephen Blacklow joins IPI to push bioscience forward

Stephen Blacklow has biomedical curiosity in his genes. As the newest Board of Directors member…

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A man at a desk

IPI co-founder Timothy Springer wins Lasker Award, highlighting key chapter in biology

Scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Timothy Springer is one of three scientists to win the 2022…

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Three dimensional structure of an integrin

Integrins: Explained

More than 600 million years ago, out of the depths of the metazoa, a protein…

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New federation aims to transform biology with protein tools spanning proteome by 2035

An ambitious protein moonshot is gaining momentum to develop and widely share tools that will…

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