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IPI partnership with Addgene

Partnership joins two nonprofits with aligned missions to provide researchers with access to well-validated antibodies and other reagents—and expertise about where and how to use them

Boston, June 8, 2023 — The Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI), a nonprofit research institute, and Addgene, a global nonprofit biorepository, today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate biomedical research and therapeutic development through the discovery, development, and distribution of recombinant antibodies and other protein and DNA reagents. This partnership will help address the ongoing need by the global biomedical research community for access to reproducible and well-validated antibodies as well as other protein binders.

In service to IPI’s mission and Addgene’s facilitation of antibody and plasmid distribution through a novel open science model, purchasers of IPI antibodies will receive the antibody sequences as well as access to a suite of plasmid and protein tools to facilitate antibody production. IPI will also provide purchasers with expertise on how to use these tools to help researchers illuminate fundamental biological processes and uncover innovative therapeutic leads.

“This collaboration between IPI and Addgene brings together two nonprofits with aligned missions. Combining our collective expertise, resources and networks, our goal is to empower researchers worldwide, driving innovation in the fields of molecular biology and protein science,” said Ken Fasman, Ph.D., President and CEO of IPI. “We are committed to our mission and enabling researchers to unravel the complexities of biology and discover new targets for drug development.”

While antibodies are one of the most commonly used tools in the scientific research community, not all are reliable. A lack of well-validated reagent antibodies leads to irreproducible data and projects that can’t be completed. This issue was a primary driver for Addgene to add high-quality antibodies to their collection in early 2022.

To help further address this challenge, IPI has created a platform to develop antibodies and other protein tools and validate them in standard protocols. This partnership provides researchers with access to a greater range of materials and resources using Addgene’s repository service model that scientists have come to expect and rely on.

“Facilitating the exchange of valuable resources such as the IPI antibody collection and promoting collaboration among researchers is the core mission of Addgene,” said Chonnettia Jones, Ph.D., President and Executive Director of Addgene. “Our goal when we added antibodies to Addgene’s collection of materials was to expand access to reliable tools that researchers could depend on. We are thrilled to partner with IPI, who share our passion for sharing science to accelerate discovery around the world.”

The inaugural collection of IPI antibodies is expected to be available in the Fall of 2023, with new materials being added on a regular basis. For more information visit

About IPI

The Institute for Protein Innovation is pioneering a new approach to scientific discovery and collaboration. As a nonprofit research institute, we provide the biomedical research community with synthetic antibodies and deep protein expertise, empowering scientists to explore fundamental biological processes and pinpoint new targets for therapeutic development. Our mission is to advance protein science to accelerate research and improve human health. For more information, visit or follow us on social media, @ipiproteins.

About Addgene

Addgene (Watertown, MA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating scientific discoveries by operating a biorepository for researchers. Addgene’s collection contains more than 100,000 plasmids contributed by over 5,000 research labs from around the world. Addgene also provides over 700 ready-to-use AAV and lentivirus preparations of commonly requested plasmids as a service to scientists – saving them time and providing thorough quality control. Over 1.6 million plasmids have been distributed to 108 countries by Addgene. By authenticating, storing, archiving, and distributing plasmids, antibodies, viral vectors, and their associated data, Addgene is creating a lasting resource for research and discovery scientists around the world. For more information, visit

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