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IPI is thrilled to join YCharOS as a member of its new Industry Advisory Committee. The Canadian company, named from a truncation of Antibody Characterization through Open Science, is launching a novel approach to solve a major reproducibility crisis in the life sciences.

Researchers are struggling to get reagent antibodies that work in their assays. And nearly half of all commercial antibodies do not work as advertised. As investigators inadvertently publish results that cannot be reproduced in other laboratories, the waste of basic science funding — to the tune of $350M annually — is enormous.

YCharOS will independently test commercially available antibodies side-by-side and publish the results openly. Its tests will characterize each antibody, better enabling the scientific community to evaluate the quality of antibodies and the resulting research.

As a rising player in the field, IPI is donating antibodies for testing and joining the advisory board, alongside commercial antibody distributors, to help pick the targets for validation and arrive at universal criteria for how to evaluate antibodies overall.

“We want to create a system,” says IPI’s Stephen Fuchs, director of alliances and partnerships, “whereby if an antibody exists in a catalogue, then it does what it says it does. That’s what we need to solve this ongoing crisis.”

For the full press release, read here!

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