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2019 Gairdner Awards: Winners hailed for discoveries on DNA replication and power of stem cells to fight cancer

The Gairdner Awards for medical research are nicknamed Canada’s Nobels. This year’s seven laureates – both international and Canadian – are being recognized for their breakthrough discoveries related to the machinery of life, for harnessing stem cells to fight cancer and for raising the profile of mental health in the developing world.

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Harvard professor launches research institute focused on ‘extracellular’ proteins

Timothy Springer, Ph.D., a professor at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, has always been interested in developing antibodies targeting proteins that are “extracellular”—meaning they reside in bodily fluids, outside of cell walls. But he found that the amount of funding provided to academicians who are studying such proteins was lacking. So he decided to create his own funding mechanism, the Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI), which launched in Boston today.

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Protein science 2.0: Amping up antibodies

While genomics unveiled a wealth of information, including the identity of genes that lead to disease when mutated, researchers still do not fully understand what all the genes really do and how mutations change their function and cause disease.Now proteins are promising to provide the missing link.

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