Fellowships at IPI

Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows. Innovation Fellows will work with Platform leaders and core Affiliated IPI Faculty to develop novel technologies, platforms and approaches to protein science. Examples include improving antibody discovery platforms, engineering novel properties into proteins, developing new methods for identifying pairs of receptors and ligands, and creating novel platforms for protein expression or drug discovery. Research must be fully publishable.

Discovery Postdoctoral Fellows. Discovery Fellows will work with Platform leaders and core Affiliated IPI Faculty to use IPI platforms to discover new biological principles. Examples include identifying antibodies to target proteins for which good reagents are not currently available that enable discovering novel functional properties or partners of target proteins.  Research must be fully publishable.

Entrepreneurial Fellows. Successful Innovation or Discovery Postdoctoral Fellows can transition to Entrepreneurial Fellows. The purpose of these fellowships is to allow technical innovations or discoveries to be developed sufficiently to enable a career in Academia, patents, or company formation.

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Viet Le
Research Assistant II

The Institute for Protein Innovation is looking for a highly motivated, organized and committed candidate for a Research Assistant II position. You will be conducting research under the supervision of a senior lab member, and performing general lab tasks and assisting in managerial tasks. As this is a new institute, we are specifically seeking someone who has a broad skillset and is excited to take on the various challenges, both scientific and logistical, associated with the establishment of a new research group.

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