James Love, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

James Love was educated at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and was trained as a structural biologist at the MRC-LMB. Dr. Love moved to New York for postdoctoral research before becoming the Head of Research for the New York Consortium on Membrane Protein Structures, which utilized high throughput protein production methods to express, purify and screen thousands of integral membrane proteins for structural studies. Dr. Love then pioneered high throughput expression and purification techniques for eukaryotic and oxygen sensitive proteins at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, before joining ATUM (formerly DNA2.0) as Director of Expression Technologies, where he set up a state-of-the-art lab for the production of mammalian proteins in mammalian cells, which successfully produced thousands of purified proteins. Dr. Love is also an executive editor of the journal “Protein Expression and Purification”.

At the Institute for Protein Innovation, Dr. Love is building the platforms for production of all human cell surface proteins, in mammalian cells (including integral membrane proteins) together with mouse and zebrafish homologs. These targets will be used to generate antibodies which will be extensively biophysically and functionally screened. Dr. Love is also developing novel expression and purification methods to improve the production of functional, disease relevant human proteins, in human cells.