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IPI Founder Timothy Springer just appeared in the cover essay for Forbes. As a COVID Newcomer of 2021, Tim is part of a story of optimism and altruism emerging from the pandemic. His philanthropic support of IPI allows us to grow and have an impact on the scientific community. Here’s an excerpt of the story. For the full article, click here.

Immunologist Tim Springer’s coronavirus epiphany has been a matter of scale. Twenty years ago, he netted $100 million founding a biotech company, and in turn he made the kinds of donations you might see from people at that wealth level, endowing chairs at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital. He also put about $5 million into a little startup called Moderna—a stake that brings him onto the Billionaires list this year with a net worth of $2.2 billion.

Springer has already put forth $30 million to establish the Institute for Protein Innovation, a nonprofit that creates tools and provides expertise for biotech researchers and entrepreneurs. But the urgency of the moment has him rethinking things philanthropically—later this year, he says, he’ll announce a bigger donation. He’s coy about it, though he does say he’ll likely be “adding another zero.” And that’s just the beginning. “I want to give more money. That’s my motivator to start companies now,” he says. “If I’m successful, as I think I could be, [with] the scale of things, we could add yet another zero.”

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